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The ProteanPAPER© system technology is the accounting and information technology for everyone. Large and small businesses need integrated data solutions. Until ProteanPAPER© many businesses could not afford the time and expense required to get an integrated business system going. The name used for this type of "all-inclusive" business solution is ENTERPRISE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT or ERP. ProteanPAPER© is curing this problem by developing easy to afford, easy to implement, and easy to upgrade on-line ERP solutions. ProteanPAPER solutions range in price from $1.00 to $125.00 per month.

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Modern business runs on information. Your customer's expect convenient access to information about your company, your products, and their orders. So the challenge is to collect and track internal information and make the appropriate information available to your customers without additional effort on your part.

ProteanPAPER© uses the web browser on your computer (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, or Opera) as the "client" software for you and your employees.  ProteanPAPER© itself runs on an HTML server in conjunction with a database server. This method means you have no software to install on your machines. You already understand the basics of using your browser (your using it now) and ProteanPAPER provides the programs and resources to place make your data available on the web for your customers as well as your remote use. 

ProteanPAPER© is crafted to integrate as much business data as possible. You need financial data, inventory,  public web site, customer scheduling, invoicing, purchasing, human resources, manufacturing, and customer service to all work together, and you need it now! Even business' that are just starting out have essentially the same needs. 

To help us address those aspects of ProteanPAPER© that matter most to you, click the link below that best describes your situation:

You can have many of these resources available to your business today, with more capability being constantly added. Just sign up for our on-line modules and use the servers and software at our site.

You will find ProteanPAPER© is amazingly affordable. You can start out at a cost comparable or less than most web hosting services. Then you can increase your level of service as necessary and add more capability as well. At some point your business will grow to the point that a remote host is not feasible. No problem....

ProteanPAPER can be purchased as an in-house turnkey system. We will build you a server, install the software, install your data (if you have some on our servers), and send you the server as a data appliance ready to plug into your network at your site. Getting IT services has never been easier. It is almost like getting an entire IT department in a single box.

So, whether you use a remote shared server at a ProteanPAPER© provider site, or you maintain a server which has the ProteanPAPER© software licensed to it, you can have these professional applications with the same features and data structures and start immediately.

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