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Online Check book and Accounting Tool for Estates or Trusts

ProteanPAPER© technology is a great tool for tracking the finances of Estates or Trusts or other types of small, temporary accounting tasks. The accounting tools used in ProteanPAPER© keeps track of transactions in your checkbook, your credit cards, and any other ledger of financial activity you wish to record and monitor.

Before an Estate can be closed, the Administrator will need to prepare an inventory, value all assets in the estate, and prepare a final accounting of estate income, expense and distributions to heirs.

The ProteanPAPER© GL makes this task as easy as it can be. When you set up the estate in the GL, use the Estate template for the chart of accounts. This will create reports and accounts typical of that required for an Estate.

Enter Assets in inventory and offset them as Equity of the Estate. As more valuation is done, continue to add inventory. You can subdivide the inventory by heir if you wish for easy distribution.

The estate bank account is established in the GL and all expenses and income is recorded as you write checks and make deposits.

Simply document all administrative tasks and the final accounting is as simple as printing a report then filing with probate.

Subscribe to the ProteanPAPER© GL and use your computer's web browser to enter and examine your estate records. Even after your subscription terminates, your data is available on a read only basis for an additional year making it ideal for the length of time necessary to administer an estate.

If this capability sounds like something you can benefit from, click below and sign up. You will only want the GL module, which is the default module. If, at any time during the first 30 days you decide the GL is not the tool for you, simply notify us and we will refund your subscription.

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