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"Power to the People..." Web Browser Based Back Office Functions

ProteanPAPER© technology is the accounting and information technology solution for everyone. Virtually all businesses and organizations require basic back office functions. Similarly, most businesses and organizations require a web presence for their customers or members. ProteanPAPER© is the tool that makes that presence and the back office work together for your business. 

By making your business's web presence data driven, your consumer web site and all the functionality of it automatically update when your business data changes. ProteanPAPER© puts your accounting, inventory, scheduling, client services, and whatever other systems you need on the same data platform. Now, if your inventory changes, your retail web site immediately reflects the change. If your contact information changes, your retail web site immediately reflects that change as well. You can facilitate customer communication, customer scheduling, technical support, employee purchase requisitioning and other functions using a web based format that is powerful, secure, and easy to use all at the same time.

No more paying for more "seats" for your business software. ProteanPAPER© is implemented as a large collection of scripts on a single server. Access to these scripts are controlled through password and network restrictions for security, but there is virtually no limit on the number of people who can use the allowed scripts. Any computer with a compatible browser can use ProteanPAPER©. So, as you hire more employees, you can immediately give them access to the data they need. No software to install, no additional seat licenses to buy, no network reconfiguration.

How ProteanPAPER© Works and How can it be Affordable and Powerful at the Same Time?

You may have heard of "client-server software", where each user's computer runs a client program and one or more servers supply data to those clients. ProteanPAPER© is built upon a similar concept, but the client is very simple, and very familiar. ProteanPAPER© uses your web browser (Internet Explorer, or Firefox) as the client. The data server (and web server) is a powerful LINUX box running Apache and the MySQL database application.

Matching ProteanPAPER's user interface to the capabilities of a web browser has allowed Protean Logic to concentrate on the logical structure of our applications. By not choosing to invest large amounts of development on software clients, we free development resources for the central issues of the application. This makes our applications easier to write and maintain and makes them easier for our customers to learn and afford. This efficiency translates to lower acquisition costs and operating costs for ProteanPAPER© customers.

Two Configurations to Put the PaperWORK© System to Work in Your Business

There are two ways to utilize ProteanPAPER©. The first method uses a shared server that you access via the internet. You interact with your data using your Browser through the internet. Information is presented to you in an effective way using familiar forms and lists that you use to enter and report your businesses data. This data is accessed via an SSL encrypted link with many security features in place. A business only needs to pay a very reasonable quarterly subscription fee for the services they use. This method of using ProteanPAPER© frees the business from most  technical concerns while enjoying the benefits of a complete solution. Imagine having an enterprise IT solution from day one!

The second method is virtually identical except that your company purchases the server and licenses the ProteanPAPER© software for that server. The Server is placed in your local network. For businesses that have reached sufficient size, this is the best solution. Having the server in-house provides greater control, faster access, better performance for your money. Your in-house server can still be accessible from the web for your customers. You can also make the back office functions available (with the necessary security steps) so that you and your employees can work remotely with your data.

By accepting this upfront cost and technical responsibility, the larger business gains the advantages of increased reliability and faster data transmission as well as direct control of their data. No longer is the server being shared with other businesses. This configuration has most of the benefits as traditional client-server software and has extra benefits like unlimited "seats" (add as many users as you want). No software to install and maintain on user's computers. Inherent remote access capabilities. Seamless data-enabled web sites for your customers where all data is "live" and you can see and manipulate data like inventories in real-time.

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How to Grow With ProteanPAPER©

One of the great things about ProteanPAPER© is that you can migrate from a shared server to your own dedicated server with virtually no "growing pains". Your programs are the same so the interface is identical and the data transfers with no problems... NONE! We can even build and configure your server with programs and data installed to make the upgrade a literal plug and play affair. LINUX, though a little tricky to set up, is very stable and needs little maintenance to keep running. In fact,  ProteanPAPER© servers are sold preconfigured as data appliances. This means you just plug them in and forget about them for the most part. They perform backups automatically, have redundant drives for reliability, and have most administrative controls locked down for security. So, having a server in house presents little need for technical expertise in-house. You will likely find that you spend a lot more time keeping your windows computers (the ones with the browser, spreadsheets, etc.) working correctly than you spend on your server. You will want to become diligent about swapping your data backup drives, though.

As your company becomes larger, you might wish to use even more powerful network configurations and servers. At that point, you can afford the necessary technical personnel. You may even wish to have some custom client software written based upon the ProteanPAPER© database structure to streamline the most critical aspects of your business. Protean Logic can help with this as well, by supplying source code and expertise.

Get started now, with our 30 day, no questions asked, trial subscription.

Most  businesses will want to start out with the shared server version of ProteanPAPER©. It is inexpensive, and there are very few technical issues associated with using it. Most of the hardcore IT stuff is taken care of by the ProteanPAPER© provider who manages the shared server. You simply subscribe to the service by following "Create Company" link below where you will be asked to supply some basic business and credit card information for a minimum subscription of one quarter of a year. From that point in time you have 30 days to follow our quick start tutorial and start using the system for your business. If you decide at any time within the first 30 days that ProteanPAPER© is not the solution for you, simply notify us, your provider, and we will end your subscription and credit your credit card for the amount of the subscription.

Lets be honest, the cost of the subscription or the price of software is only a part of the real cost of evaluating a business system. Even a superficial examination of a major business system like ProteanPAPER© will require time which is likely more valuable than the cost of the product. For that reason, you may want to take a few minutes to look at additional presentations below and go over our features to give you  confidence that time evaluating ProteanPAPER© is well spent.
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