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ProteanPAPER© technology is a great tool for getting hold of your personal finances. The accounting tools used in ProteanPAPER© keeps track of transactions in your checkbook, your credit cards, and any other ledger of financial activity you wish to record and monitor.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where does all the money go?" With a checkbook ledger system you can actually answer that question in detail. The General Ledger within the ProteanPAPER© family of business tools is suitable for large businesses, but it is equally suited to personal finances as well.

The GL (general ledger) can be used to record all transactions for your checking accounts, savings accounts, credit card accounts, and to keep track of personal savings strategies, equities, and personal assets.

The GL also has a very easy to use budgeting function. You can estimate your spending for items throughout the year enter transactions that represent say monthly groceries or utilities, then compare them against actual expenses.

Though you probably won't need it, you can generate legitimate financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements for your household. Add to your financial IQ and get ahead of your finances. The GL won't make you any more money, but it will help you understand where that money is going and maybe help you develop better strategies for spending and investing it.

Of course, a GL like this is a valuable tool if you have a home business, or a seasonal hobby business.

Subscribe to the ProteanPAPER© and use your computer's web browser to enter and examine your financial records. 

If this capability sounds like something you can benefit from, click below and sign up. You will want the Checkbook package. If, at any time during the first 30 days you decide the GL is not the tool for you, simply notify us and we will refund your subscription.

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