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ProteanPAPER© technology is the accounting and information technology for everyone. If you are a student learning accounting, it may be the ideal tool. ProteanPAPER© General Ledger is not complicated, but it is extensive enough that you can test your bookkeeping skills with more complicated accounting models.

For example, the general ledger gives you the capability for transaction based department and project breakouts. You can master profit and cost center accounting for real or imagined companies.

The general ledger also provides the capability for transaction based budgeting. Develop a detailed budget for your next school project learn how to budget big ticket items strategically and baseline expenses.

The ProteanPAPER© GL will allow you to use alternative account groupings and progressive reporting techniques as well. Use the GL report designer to re-map your Ledger for both liberal and conservative cash flow statements with neatly displayed add-backs and take-outs. You may learn to like the GL so much that you will take, not only your skills, but the GL software as well.

You can have this tools available in a few minutes just by clicking on the link below. Then use our manuals and help screens as additional resource and reference material.

You may wish to subscribe to additional modules end experiment with enterprise level systems. Get hands on experience with security and separation of authority issues. See how sales, purchasing, and manufacturing interface with the GL. Experiment with inventory costing strategies.

Are you and instructor teaching a class on bookkeeping, accounting, or finance and want to use the ProteanPAPER© GL as a resource in your class? Contact us at the email address at the top of the page and we will get special pricing for you or your students.

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There are additional charges if your usage exceeds our maximum amount of downloads per quarter. However, given the generous amount of activity allowed in the base price, you would be a extremely over-achieving student to exceed that allowance.