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ProteanPAPER© technology is a great tool for a business in the start up phase. The accounting tools in ProteanPAPER are simple to use but have excellent budget and projection capabilities. You can build up transaction based yearly projections that have exactly the same form as your actual accounting data.

The human resources package provides tracking of personnel time and provides for a way to assign man hours to departments and projects.

The basic web interface lets up establish a web presence and promote you business both to investors and potential customers in a very cost effective manner.

Since ProteanPAPER has all the tools you will need when you enter preliminary marketing and growth stages of your business, there is a seamless escalation of resource planning. No more nightmare conversions of data as more capable tools come on-line. No more overburdened spreadsheet based systems. Just a continuous increase in capability.
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The fact that you are starting from scratch doesn't really diminish your need for professional grade data solutions. ProteanPAPER© is ideal for this situation because it is powerful, expandable and affordable from the onset of your business. During your startup phase, use the online version of ProteanPAPER©. Establish your accounting basics and budget, start your business and get your purchasing process going. 

A reasonable starting point for a startup venture would likely be a site with multiple pages, a communications system, a general ledger and checkbook. For a site with little traffic, the price for this is only $1.33 per month. If you have a lot of people working on your team, and have a lot of people visiting your site, you might need to bump up your level of service to $4.67 per month.

If you get to the point that you want to establish a purchasing system with requisitions, POs and signing authorities, you will need ProteanPAPER's manufacturing package. This package can cost as little as $8.33 per month. 

When your business is in full swing, you may wish to upgrade to an in-house ProteanPAPER© server. The in-house version is essentially the same as the on-line version except that it resides on a server built specifically for your needs and physically located at your facility. The server is built in such a way that it is a, "data appliance". It does not even need a monitor or keyboard as it is administered from other designated computers. It has all the data redundancy and data backup facilities built in so that you or your fledgling IT staff can keep your business systems running with minimum effort.

By using the same software for both startup and ramp-up  greatly eases the transition from a startup to a fully implemented company. Many companies run into a crisis when they out-grow their startup systems. Spread sheets and word processor templates were fine in the beginning, but the lack of automation  create errors and inefficiency. Security and accounting is insufficient and all these problems occur at a time when everyone is too busy to fix the situation properly. Limited single user programs like Intuit's Quickbooks and other small accounting solutions are not much better. This sets up a crisis of information management at times of rapid growth when time and cash are strained. The ProteanPAPER© engine is capable of handling a large business with many employees, hundreds of thousands of customers and transactions and millions of entries per table. So you don't need to worry about outgrowing the systems you start with.

You can have all these resources available to your startup business today, for about the price of coffee. Just sign up for our on-line modules and use the servers and software at our site initially. The fees for usage are scaled, so you pay only for that which you need. ProteanPAPER© is unbelievably affordable. As you start using more ProteanPAPER@ capability, additional charges for functional modules and small charges for the additional bandwidth used are incurred. But this additional cost means that your business is working and that your systems are working, so costs follow naturally with the growth of your business. 

At some point in your business' growth, It is more cost effective and reliable to operate a ProteanPAPER© server on site. We will build you a server, install the software, install your data (if you have some on our servers), and send you the server as a data appliance ready to plug into your network at your site. The price for the data appliance is very reasonable (usually around $4,000 at the time of this writing) which means in-house IT services has never been easier or more cost effective. The in-house server is even equipped with domain level security for implementing sophisticated log-in-once enterprise wide data storage. 

So, whether you use a remote shared server at a ProteanPAPER© providers site, or you maintain a server which has the ProteanPAPER© software licensed to it, you can have these professional applications with the same features and data structures immediately.

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