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The Link Between Your Web
 Presence and Accounting

The ProteanPAPER© web store, shopping cart and web engine is designed to make it easy for an organization to have a web site. The ProteanPAPER checkbook and simple general ledger take business integration one step further. The shopping cart system takes your customer's orders and notifies you. Then you fill the order. The General Ledger and Checkbook then receive information from the order system and do the accounting entries for you. As you write checks or record credit card transactions, you enter accounting offsets for the cash amounts. Thus, by simply taking care of business, your accounting function is always up to date.

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The wed store and checkbook combination is amazingly affordable too. Your complete price for the programs and hosting service is as shown to the right.

This includes dynamically drawn pages, flexible pricing systems, a secure checkout system, reporting, and customer convenience features.

Of course the General Ledger and all reporting is included as well.

per month
$2.33 5 100
$5.67 15 667
$9.00 50 1667
$15.67 150 5000
$30.67 500 16667
$60.67 1300 50000
$120.67 4000 150000

ProteanPAPER© is designed as an integrated  system which connects all aspects of your business together. However, there are legitimate situations in which that level of integration is not practical. In established businesses, accounting systems may be in place that are working fine. But it may be a priority to get a web store up and running. For these situations, it is perfectly acceptable to use ProteanPAPER© as a standalone web store and web content engine.

The tools with ProteanPAPER© for your retail web presence is called the "Simple Shopping Cart" it has places for making text and picture based web pages, has a category and search function for an inventory, and provides tools to maintain an inventory of virtually any size.

Additionally, the Simple Shopping Cart has special functions for your customers. Here they view the content you have prepared, examine your inventory and place orders for product. The also have the ability to communicate in a secure way with you and can review their past orders and invoices with your company. Once your customer registers on your web site, he/she can securely place orders, look at past orders, maintain a wish list, or communicate securely with your sales department.

Like other aspects of ProteanPAPER©, you create your content, manager your inventory, interact with your customers an receive orders all using your browser.

Of course ProteanPAPER© Simple Shopping Cart is very affordable. Less than the SSL certificate that you would have to pay for on alternative systems. ProteanPAPER© takes care of all connectivity issues, secure connections, security policies, data backup, and email notifications.

If you are looking for a fast track to a professional looking web store and web presence, Sign up with ProteanPAPER© now. Of course, you can integrate more business functions with your web store overtime as you like.

If your business is larger, you can have ProteanPAPER©  capabilities in-house.  We will build you a server, install the software, install your data (if you have some on our servers), and send you the server as a data appliance ready to plug into your network at your site. Getting IT services has never been easier.

So, whether you use a remote shared server at a ProteanPAPER© providers site, or you maintain a server which has the ProteanPAPER© software licensed to it, you can have these professional applications with the same features and data structures immediately.

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