Story by JAMES BURRUS, photos by TODD VAN FLEET. KICKSTAND MAGAZINE-Celebrating the Cruiser Bicycle Lifestyle! This interesting and informative magazine is available without charge at many bicycle stores or by contacting the publisher by email at bradk@kickstand or by telephone at (720) 350-8411. This particular issue has some focus on fat tire bikes in Colorado. Each issue is focused on a different region of the country. The quality of editorial content, photographs, paper & printing is equal to, or better than, the best of the Bicycle Magazines. The cover photo, by Todd Van Fleet, is of Damon 'The Demon' Bruno on a Nirve John Deer Cruiser in front of an old barn about 10 miles from Kay & Howie's home. The story about Howie and his Everything Bicycles Collection starts on page 35 and continues on pages 37 & 38; there's also a side-bar on page 38. The 1952 bike license shown in the side-bar; GBL-1591 is Glendale Bike License. The small thumbnail photo on page 35 is of Howie at age 15-18 months on his first tricycle; the handlebar is actually a wagon handle so Howie's mother or father could pull & steer the vehicle. The larger picture, with some 'klunkers' from Howie's collection, was taken in front of the Cohen's garage; the chainwheel attached to the side of the garage is a 372 tooth alloy chainwheel that was produced in 1972 by Sugino in Osaka, Japan. President, Yasushi Sugino was himself an accomplished professional photographer; his large 'coffee table' book is included in the EB (Everything Bicycles) collection. An interesting side note and a little history; the boys high riser bike on the left side of the feature picture is an American Eagle brand. It is from one of the first production runs manufactured by Kawamura Cycles in Kobe, Japan (1965) for West Coast Cycle. Howie spent many months in Japan beginning in 1963 in his effort to get high quality bikes that were made in Japan. At the time, Japan only produced low priced and somewhat low quality bikes for the American market. The American Eagle brand was the first high quality bike line to be exported from Japan. The brand name was later changed to Nishiki to reflect its Japanese origin. Coincidently, Howie acquired this bike from his neighbor, Glenn Clark, who owned the bike as a child. Glenn is also the owner and Web Programmer for this website (see or go to the link page for more information about how to obtain & manage your own website at a very affordable cost).

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