On August 21,2000, a bear cub climbed up one of the Lodgepole Pine Trees in our backyard. Someone other than Kay or Howie (probably a neighbor) spotted the bear in the tree and phoned the Animal Control Department (a section of the Breckenridge Police Department) to report the incident. The police dispatcher put out a radio call to the officers on duty so they could control the situation in such a way that no humans nor the animal would be injured. The 'call' was intercepted by a reporter for the local newspaper, The Summit Daily News, and a reporter came to the house and took this photograph. This photo was published in the next day's paper. While the reporter was taking the photo, he noticed that there was a bicycle lodged high in a tall Lodgepole Pine Tree on the other side of the property. He took a photo of the 'BIKE IN THE TREE' and it was published in the Summit Daily News on the next day (August 23rd). A full story about the BIKE IN THE TREE is included on this website in the category TREES WITH BICYCLES (CYCLE TREE) under part number Item: CycleTree-105.

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