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Christmas Star with programming cable and software - 5mm red LEDs

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Video of Star in Action

Categories: Board level kits (novelty),
Price:$ 49.00 each
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Challenge your programming skills with this fun project. Program the star with one of the sample pattern programs, or create your own. Then display in a window or on a tree at Christmas time, or any other time that you want an eye catching display in the form of a 5 pointed star.


This project covers topics such as:

  • how the eye sees multiplexed displays
  • control of time in a micro-controller
  • Interfacing using SPI board level interface
  • Programming procedurally with structure
  • Using tables
  • Using functions

The Star comes with a TICkit 62 process and a 64K bit eeprom, however the star is compatible with TICkit 63 processors and even the HUBbub 93 processor. Use EEproms up to 512K bits.

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