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Nishiki Road Compe c.1973-Joe Washington
Item# NishiRoadCompe.73 [NishiRoadCompe.73]
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This bicycle, belonging to Joe Washington in the pacific northwest, in September 2010, is a Nishiki `Road-Compe` model. Joe purchased the bike new in 1973 from Beckwith Bicycles in Portland, Oregon. He took this photo of his bike in September 2010. Joe`s bike appears to be in magnificent condition. I have requested a few more photos (close-ups) from Joe. The seat looks like it may have been changed from the original and I don`t recall that we supplied a kickstand on this model. The decals on this bike were produced for WCCSC in America by Meyercord Co. We then sent the decals to the bike factory. Our reasons for producing the decals from Meyercord were: (1) they produced very thin decals which applied easily to the tubing and were easily covered with a clear overcoat to enhance the durability & beauty, (2) we were having bicycles produced in several different countries (Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan) and we wanted consistency in the decals, and (3) we were producing bicycles under several different brand names (Nishiki, Azuki, Mundo, Cycle-Pro, Windsor) and wanted some consistency in the designs although the brand names were different. A note about Beckwith Bicycles; Frank & Betty Beckwith (founders) were good customers of WCCSC and Everything Bicycles. Frank & Betty, Howie & Kay, Nick & Sue Andrade and 3 other couples jointly purchased a small condo in Kona, HI. We shared the use of this condo for about 20 years. The bicycle business was taken over by the Beckwith`s son-in-law, Kurt.

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