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D.P. Harris Hdwe and Mfg Co-New York (see the picture gallery)
Item# D.P.Harris Hdwe Co [D.P.Harris Hdwe Co]
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D.P.Harris hardware & Manufacturing Co was founded in 1895 by De Lancey Harris. His son, George D. Harris and grandsons, Del & Tom Harris continued the management of the company until it was closed in 19--. The company manufactured various parts & sundries and also distributed products from other manufacturers in the bicycle industry. Harris owned several different bicycle brand names including Rollfast, the most famous (see the picture gallery). Bicycles were produced for Harris by W.P. Snyder Co and other bike makers. See the picture gallery. Additional text & pictures pending.
The D.P. Harris Co was a very important entity in the American bicycle industry and community
A LITTLE PERSONAL HISTORY: Firstly, Howie`s father, Leo Sr., sold Rollfast bicycles and wheel goods in the early 1940`s while in business in Mpls., MN at Wheel Goods Corp. Leo was partners with his brother-in-law (my uncle) Manny Giffis. After moving to Los Angeles and starting his new business, Playrite Bicycle Supply, Leo continued selling Rollfast products, including bikes, juvenile wheel goods, skates and parts/accessories. In the 1950`s when Leo and RosaBelle started attending the BIA (Bicycle Institute of America) conventions in Boca Raton, FL., Howie was sometimes tagging along, and on some of these occasions I met and had discussions with Del (George Jr.) Harris, Tom Harris, and Charlie Hoins, the management team of the company at that time. During the 1950`s the D.P.Harris Co had a wholly owned bicycle distribution subsidiary in Los Angeles named The Merry Co., managed by Paul Christy. West Coast Cycle (WCC) purchased some merchandise from the D.P.Harris Co and competed with The Merry Co, selling to many of the same retailers. Now turning the clock forward to the early 1970`s; Howie made a trip to the H.P.Snyder Co in Little Falls, New York where I met with Bill Snyder (a true gentleman) to discuss the possibility of his company producing bicycles for West Coast Cycle under our private brand(s). Mossberg had just recently acquired the Snyder Company and I was never able to consummate a program with them. I heard that Guy Trapiano of the F.A. Baker Co (New York) purchased the rights to the Rollfast brand.
There is a large amount of correspondence, price lists & other documents from the Harris Co in this collection (LETTERHEAD & CATALOGS-antique)

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A page from the D.P.Harris Catalog #34 of 1930 showing 13 of the brands they owned in a display of nameplates (Head Badges)

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A page from the D.P.Harris Catalog #34 of 1930 showing the Rollfast brand model 104D Motorbike De Luxe

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A page from the D.P.Harris Catalog #34 of 1930 showing the several of the Rollfast brand bicycles

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