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1898 Peoria Rubber and Mfg Co of Peoria, ILL, maker of Atalanta and Patee brand Bicycles (Original, not a reprint)
Item# CatAntqPart-P-039 [CatAntqPart-P-039]
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This 14 page bicycle catalogue is from a tire manufacturer that also produced bicycles; it is their third presentation to the cycling community, so I assume they started producing bicycles in 1896. The photo is included with the `Parts Mfg`s` because the bicycles were produced by a Tire Manufacturer. It is mentioned in this catalogue that they produced tires in every possible weight from the enormous 30 inch tires fitted on the famous `Oriten` to the lightest track tires. A little history thanks to Petrus (Peter) Dressen of France: The Oriten was a unique ten-seater tandem built in 1896 by Charles Metz from the Orient Cycle Co in Waltham, MA. The tandem was built for publicity reasons. It had a cruising speed of 70 km/h. The tandem still exists and can be seen in the Henry Ford Museum. The 1898 line is very limited; there is only one model each of the Atalanta and Patee illustrated and described with detailed specifications, four bikes in total, two men`s and two lady`s. It is mentioned in the introduction that the past two seasons were unusually hard on the bicycle manufacturers of this country. The condition is good, the dimensions are 6 x 8 inches, photo #049-01.

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The Atalanta Men's Model priced at $60.00 retail.

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The Patee Brand Woman's Wheel

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Their 'arch fork crown' which was new for 1898 and a partial view of the Atalanta head badge (nameplate). The 'arch crown' is similar to the unicrown forks of the 1980's used on BMX and Cruiser bikes.

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