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Item# Cat-F 530 1990 [Cat-F 530 1990]
Categories: Catalogs and Brochures-Contemporary,
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Since Howie Cohen's passing, no items are for sale.
An 18 page catalog with photographs of the 1990 line and a full specification list in the back. There are some nice photos of Gary inside; (a) when he was a road racer at age 12, (b) his 1973 ABL of A Racing License and Amateur Travel Permit, and (c) a wedding picture of Gary and his bride sharing the wedding cake (the lady was the inspiration for the Fisher Tandem). The international distributors are listed on the outside back cover. The dimensions are 11 x 8 1/2 inches. Trek Bicycle Co acquired the brand in 1993. Gary rode for the Nishiki-SunTour Team (Montrose Cycle Club) in the 1960`s at which time Howie was very active with the team and club.

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