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Oscar Wastyn
Item# Wastyn, Oscar [Wastyn, Oscar]
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Oscar Wastyn Sr. and his family were & are famous and important persons within the bicycle industry and bike racing community. Here is a partial bit of information about Oscar Sr. and the Wastyn family which was gleaned from the web site of the family`s bicycle business:
   In 1910, Emil Wastyn opened a bicycle store in Chicago at a small location on Fullerton Ave. The foundation of the store was built on service, integrity, and tradition. He prided himself on his craftsmanship and commitment to his customer. Did you know that Emil designed and built the original Paramount bicycle for Schwinn?
   Emils` son Oscar Sr. continued the Wastyn tradition, building and improving the store`s services. The store thrived and was moved to a larger location on Milwaukee Ave. where it remained for over 50 years. Oscar Sr. continued to build the Paramount bicycle for Schwinn as well as the Wastyn Special Race Bikes for professional 6-day riders throughout the country. Service, integrity, and tradition remained an integral part in the everyday operation of the store.
   The store remains in business today (2010) and is managed by Scott Wastyn who can be contacted by email at The current address is 2634 Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60647, phone (773) 384-8999. The store features bikes from Schwinn, Trek, Raleigh, Gt-Dyno, Miami-Sun; framesets from Waterford, Eisentraut, Cinelli, Vitus & Paramount.
   Oscar Jr. and his son Scott, have, in the 4th generation, expanded the store yet again and returned to their roots (at a larger location) at 2634 W. Fullerton Ave. Oscar Jr. and Scott deal directly with you, the customer. Service, integrity, and tradition remain the cornerstone of Wastyn Cycles. Assembly, repairs and just about everything else is done directly for you by Oscar Jr. and/or Scott. In the year 2000 and beyond, Oscar Wastyn Cycles continues to be committed to SERVICE, INTEGRITY and TRADITION.
Additional information about the Wastyn family and its role in the history of cycling can be seen in the books; SCHWINN BICYCLES and THE AMERICAN BICYCLE; both books written by Jay Pridmore & Jim Hurd.
This picture of (L to R) Oscar Jr., Oscar Sr. and a friend in front of the family bike shop is from the book SCHWINN BICYCLES.
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Oscar Wastyn Sr. shown truing a wheel. Picture from the book SCHWINN BICYCLES by Jay Pridmore & Jim Hurd.

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This 1936 photo of a group after a Chicago bike race is from Bill Bina's collection. Oscar Wastyn Sr. is in the back row the third from the left. The others in the back row starting at the left side are; Tod Porterfield, Henry Sima, Oscar Sr., Bill Bina, Eddie Trieste, Ben Swanson and John Frederich. Mrs. Wastyn is in the bottom row, third from the left.

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