Photographs of Howie`s extended Family
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This photo of some of Howie's close relatives was taken in Minneapolis, Minnesota in about 1920 at a wedding ceremony.
Lower row L to R:
Florence Cohen-Giffis, born 9-12-15 to Ida Scher-Cohen (Florence was Howie's dad's sister, Ida was Howie's dad's mother, Howie's grandmother on my dad's side)
Ida Scher-Cohen (seated). Howie's grandmother on my dad's side. She gave birth to five children; (1) Leo Jerome Cohen Sr., 4-21-14 Howie's dad, (2) Florence Cohen-Giffis, 9-12-15, (3) Ruthie Cohen-Silverstein 4-10-21, (4) Selma Cohen dob unknown, and (5) Billy Cohen dob unknown.
Ruthie Cohen-Silverstein (sitting on her mother's lap) 8-10-21 (Howie's aunt)
Grandpa Scher (first name unknown) Howie's grandfather on my dad's side (married to grandma Ida)
Billy Cohen (Howie's uncle) standing in front of grandpa Scher
Appears to be a Scher but I am unsure.
Unknown gent seated.

Leo Jerome Cohen Sr. (4-21-14 ~ 12-18-63) Howie's father. Married RosaBelle Singer in 1934. The had three children; (1) Louise Saretta Cohen (1-15-36 ~ 3-2-2011), (2) Howie Cohen 6-30-39 and (3) Leo Jerome Cohen Jr (8-17-41 ~ 7-28-91). This is the earliest picture of Leo J. Cohen Sr that I have.

Top row standing: I cannot identify any of these five people. There appears to be a bride and groom so the photo is most likely a family picture taken at their wedding. I hope to be able to obtain the names of the unidentified persons.

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