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Protean Logic Inc.

The people who make the software that runs Howie's "Everything Bicycles" web site.
If you want to have an attractive "easy to use" web site for only $15.00 per month, contact Glenn

One of the best Bicycle Museums in America; located in New Bremen, Ohio
Browse their website and try to visit the 3-floors of Bicycle History when you are near Ohio

Bike Race Info

Your source for results of recent bicycle races, along with past race results, beginning in 1896 with the first Paris-Roubaix. Also contains an abundance of facts about racing and racers, past and present. A good source for great cycling books.


Founded in 1998, BikeRod&Kustom is the World-Wide WebZine devoted to the needs and interests of Bicycle Creators and appreciators of Bicycle Design as a Creative Medium.
An interesting and informative web site including a compilation of the history of muscle bikes (High Riser and Sting-Ray type bikes)

Classic Lightweights UK

Through this site we would like to share our enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, classic lightweight bicycles, particularly those built in Britain and Italy. Contributions from other lightweight enthusiasts are welcome including images and details of machines or components of particular interest. We are interested in collecting information on UK builders of classic frames, loosely defined as frames which could be built to a customer's individual specification. If you are a Marque Enthusiast for a British classic bike builder and that marque is not yet included please let us have your contributions. 

The Cyclingwebsite
A Dutch web site devoted to bicycle racing and racers - past and present 

A UK Website by Mike Sweatman Describing & Illustrating Derailleurs
Interesting and informative with splendid illustrations

FRITZ BRUHLMANN, Mechanic Extraordinaire for the Swiss Bicycle Racing Federation & Bicycling Community
A gracious Swiss gentleman (born in the 1930's) who happens to be one of the world's best bicycle mechanics

The CABE - The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange
Informative, Forum, General Discussions, Buy-Sell, Etc.

Charlie Kelly's Website
Charlie is one of the original founders of downhill Klunkers which became Mountain Bikes
Charlie has been inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in Crested Butte, Colorado

Jamie's Unofficial Kuwahara Old School BMX Website
Interesting information and pictures of Kuwahara items-Stickers for sale!

An Interesting Website by an Interesting Bikeman (cyclist-author-collector-mechanic-teacher + + +)

Kool - Stop Company

Ready-Made or Custom-Made, you are certain to be satisfied with the products & service
Deal directly with the owner, John Kucharik Jr., who has vast experience in the cycle clothing field

Two young ladies doing a terrific act (routine) on Trick Bikes (in Holland)
Kunstrad EM 2009 Carla und Henriette Hochdorfer
Junioren Europa Meisterschaft Hallenradsprot 22 & 23 Mai 2009
Sporthalle Varenbeuk - Heerlen, Netherlands

NBHAA - National Bicycle History Archive of America

The NBHAA website is dedicated to identification, cataloging and restoration advice on bicycle history, especially Classic American bicycles 1920 thru 1965. The NBHAA can identify virtually any American-built bicycle or motorized bicycle from this period. Your inquiry will most likely be answered by Leon Dixon, one of the foremost experts on the subject of Classic Bicycles.

A very good site for information & photos of all brands of vintage bikes
Dave is also an expert regarding ebay & can design a web page for you

A Movement to Improve the Future of Biking
An advocacy group for the benefit of bicyclists throughout America

Very elegant bicycles and/or frames-extremely light and comfortable.
The frames are produced in Oregon using various types of wood. Ask for their brochure., A Worthy Weekly Newsletter & It's FREE!
News, Tips, Hints & Other Valuable Information about Road Cycling
It's easy to subscribe and the information is "top notch"

Swiss Bicycles - Allegro, Mondia, Cilo, Tigra, Imholtz, Condor & Tebag
A website dedicated to collecting and restoring vintage racing and touring bicycles and to the most popular and well known Swiss Racing/Touring Bike Brands from the 1930's to the 1970's. - A comprehensive website forum encompassing all aspects of the bicycling community
A community forum for all types of bicyclists; road, mountain, tandem, recumbent, unicycle, you name it. Enjoys a current reach of over 20,000 unique cyclist a month. TwoSpoke is run by a team of bike enthusiasts working to both provide a place for technical content, meetups and legal/political awareness.

Urban Velo
A very interesting and informative website

US Bicycle Hall of Fame
Dedicated to preserving the sport of cycling

Velo Bling Designs

Recycled Bicycle Parts into Art (Jewelry, Clocks & More!)

Chuck Schmidt's interesting site which includes T-Shirts for sale with fantastic graphics. . . MUST SEE!
Graphic designs include: vintage catalogs, bike brand names, famous racers, component parts, etc.

Victor Vincente of America
A bicycle loving Designer, Poet, Dirt Guru and World Class Bicycle Racer
(in his earlier years as Michael Hiltner)
There are some interesting bicycling items available to buy at very reasonable prices
 Accurate information about the rich history of BMX Products, Inc. and Skip Hess
Mongoose, Jag, Decoster, Blue Max, MotoTrac, Motomags + more

Waterford Precision Cycles
It starts with a dream - the thrill, the delight and the pride that comes from your riding. Whether for competition, exploration, exhilaration, or just fun; Waterford can help you craft your dream machine.

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