BUTTONS:  There are 3 or 4 BUTTONS shown when you are looking at an item; DETAILS, WISH FOR, CONTACT, BUY or QUOTE. The explanation and purposes of the BUTTONS are as follows:
     DETAILS: When you click on DETAILS you will see a larger picture, one or more pictures in the “picture gallery” and in some instances, additional text information.
     WISH FOR: When you click on WISH FOR you are able to make a list containing that specific item, and other items if you so desire, so you can come back to your chosen item(s) without the necessity of having to navigate the entire website.
     CONTACT: When you click on CONTACT an email page addressed to Howie will open so you can send him an email.
     BUY or QUOTE: These buttons indicate that the item is available to sell. BUY indicates that the price is already established. QUOTE indicates that the price has not yet been established so please email or phone Howie if you have interest in the item.
Additionally, on the Home Page, you will see two buttons:

     REMOVE:  The purpose of this button is to remove (take off) any item that you selected using the WISH FOR button. 

      SEE ITEMS ADDED WITHIN THE LAST 60-DAYS:  This button provides a fresh viewing experience for reoccurring visitors without the necessity of them visiting each individual category.

CATEGORIES:  There are many different categories (over 300) within this collection. Sometimes a category title is duplicated in the 'list' of categories (i.e. Auto License Plate Frames & Bike Licenses is also listed in the category titled License’s Bike & Auto). The reason for the duplication is to make it easier for you to find an item and/or category in which you have interest.
   The number within parenthesis appearing after a category title represents the quantity of items posted within that specific category at the time you are viewing the website. The quantity of items posted within each category changes from day-to-day as additional items are added. There are hundreds of unopened cartons (many of which were packed in the 1960’s and 1970’s).  Each large carton contains many items.

DESCRIPTIONS OF ITEMS:  There are brief descriptions below each thumbnail picture. To view a more detailed description, click on the thumbnail picture or the DETAILSbutton

ERRORS, CORRECTIONS, TYPOS:  Whenever you notice an error, misinformation or typo, I will appreciate it if you will send me an email notification. Please include the category title and item number so I can promptly make the correction(s).

HOME PAGE:  The pictures of items shown on the home pare are samples of items within the collection. The categories are listed vertically in alphabetical order; you can scroll down to view the categories and click on any category title to open and view the items. There is a horizontal alphabet at the top; if you want to go quickly to a category in the N’s (i.e. Nameplates, just click on N), and then scroll to Nameplates.
     There are 8 links (features) available on the Home Page:
   ABOUT HOWIE COHEN:  A brief bio about Howie.
   CONTACT or CONTACT US:  A quick way to send us an email.
   HAVING TROUBLE:  If you are unable to open the categories, click on HAVING TROUBLE, then try again. If the problem persists, please send us an email.
   INSTRUCTIONS:  Clicking on INSTRUCTIONS will take you to this page.
   LINKS:  We list LINKS to other websites with information relating to bicycles, bicycling, bicycle history and the history of the bicycle industry. The LINKS are arranged in alphabetical order and logos are included whenever possible.  Please contact us if you think a LINK to another website should be added.  Although we have visited all of the websites on our LINKS page, we do not take any responsibility for the content on any of the LINKS.
   LIST OF CATEGORIES:  Explained above.
   SEARCH  ITEMS:  Use this feature to search for a specific item(s) or names of persons for which you have interest.  (i.e. if you want to see all items within this collection relating to Schwinn Bicycles, just type “Schwinn” in the “Key Words” area provided, then click on “Search Items”).
   YOUR CART & LISTS:  Use this feature if you want to earmark an item so you can come back at another time to view the item.

PICTURES & PICTURE GALLERY:  When you enter a category, the picture first displayed is a thumbnail size. For a larger more detailed picture just click on the thumbnail picture or the DETAIL button.  Many items have more than one picture; the additional pictures are located in the “picture gallery”. To view the additional pictures in the gallery just click on the thumbnail picture or the DETAIL button and scroll down.
The pictures in the "picture gallery" are firstly displayed in a thumbnail size; to view a larger more detailed picture in the “picture gallery” just click on the thumbnail picture.

PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE:  The two primary purposes of this website are: (1) to share the items and information with interested persons, and (2) to catalog the collection.

STORIES BY HOWIE:  We will have a link (in the near future) that will take you to various stories and information that Howie wants to include on this website.

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