1958 June BICYCLE JOURNAL Vol. XII, No. 6, by Bill and Lynn Quinn (Wonderful People!)
Item:BicyJourn 1958-06
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Page-62, an article about bike racing & bike repairman, ED BARNES. Barnes raced in the San Francisco Bay area from 1889 to 1903 and started working for Joe Desimone of Desimone's Bicycle Store in April 1898. Joe Desimone passed away in 1945 at which time his daughter, Athene Fields, took over the business. Her son-in-law, Elliott Chandler, did the selling and purchasing. Desimone's Bicycle Store was a good customer of Howie's family business, West Coast Cycle. Howie's brother, Leo Jr. was the sales rep calling on Elliott Chandler once or twice per month.


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